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Peugeot 206

All models noise/knocking from rear due to excessive play in rear axle bearings/shafts.
– A very common failure, we can rebuild your existing axle with new bearings and shafts –

Price quoted for guidance only £310 plus VAT fitted.

Turbo over boost/under boost – Diesel

Relevant ‘P’ codes for various makes and models – P0234.

- A common fault across most makes and models, using a variable turbo. Turbo valves stick, causing an over boost/under boost condition, putting the vehicle into limp mode. We can clean the turbo charger to release stuck valves on most models or replace the turbo if required

– e.g. Strip/clean turbo Audi A4 TDI ‘PD’ engine £200 plus VAT.

Volkswagon T5 models

No drive – a common reason for this is the driveshaft drive shearing in the gearbox.
– We can rebuild the gearbox and supply all relevant parts. A new dual mass and clutch kit is highly recommended when carrying out this repair.

– Price as guide only £1600 plus VAT.

Peugeot/Renault – Petrol/Diesel

Fan blower motor only working on No. 4.

- Common fault is the rheo-stat and associated wiring loom burning through. We can replace rheo-stat and wiring loom if required.

Renault/Peugeot/Citroen – Petrol Models

Misfires causing management light on.

- Common fault for these symptoms are ignition coil packs failing. We can diagnose and rectify these faults.

Diesel – all models

A smell of exhaust fumes in the cabin associated with a chuffing noise.

- This is normally caused by injector seals leaking and high pressure air leaking past the injectors. If not repaired this can cause damage to the head. We have the tooling to repair any damage and replace your seals – Typical price as guide only

– Renault Megane 1.9 DCI £100 plus VAT.

Vauxhall Astra 2001 – Diesel

Intermittent non-start and engine management light illuminated. Fault code P0251.

- Possible cause for this fault is the E.D.U unit.

– We can repair your original unit, supply and fitted for £250 plus VAT.page1image20216 page1image20376 page1image20536 page1image20696 page1image20856 page1image21016 page1image21176

Volkswagon – Petrol range


- Common fault with this model is the impellar shearing on the water pump. A new timing belt kit is recommended when carrying out this repair.

Most Makes and Models

Ford TDDCi diesel range Mondeo – Intermittent non-start and engine cutting out.

- Typical fault for these symptoms are injectors. We can test your injectors if swarfe is found in the injectors, it will be generated from the low/high pressure pump. To be certain of rectifying this fault the fuel tank should be removed and cleaned. All fuel lines cleaned and the pump/injectors replaced. This can also be caused by air entering the fuel system via fuel filter etc so connect diagnostics is essential.

Daewoo/Kia Early Models – 2001

Most makes and models – Strange noise from A.B.S affecting the brake pedal and springing noise when braking.

- This fault is normally caused by a cracked A.B.S ring

– Typical price per wheel £60 plus VAT.

Vauxhall Vivaro/Zafira – Diesel

We are seeing more and more gearbox faults on these models from worn bearings across this range.

- We can repair your gearbox. A new clutch and dual mass is highly recommended when carrying out this repair.